A little word about me.


My name is Marketa. I am the founder and manager of Caput Regni Private Tours, as well as a local licensed tour guide, blog writer and above all, a huge admirer of the city of Prague! 

My daily life within the ancient surroundings of "the city of thousand spires" inspired me to share my experiences and long-life interests in culture, history and art with visitors to Prague from all over the world. 

In 2001, I graduated from Charles University in Prague, majoring in History, Philosophy and Culture and Social Anthropology. During my studies, I regularly traveled abroad to spend summer holidays in England and France which helped me to gain a better knowledge of foreign culture and languages. I made use of those skills later on, when working in the international airline business. 

Since 2005, I've been taking care of my three children born in 2005, 2007 and 2012.

In 2007, I received professional accreditation as an Official Prague Guide. I also gained a specialized state degree in Tourism, and a professional accreditation as a guide of the Prague Jewish Museum. Following this, I began working part-time as a freelance guide for various private agencies.  

My interests in taking photographs and writing articles led me to set up an open Facebook page called Praga Caput Regni where I've been posting my day to day experiences of the city, including recommendation for seasonal culture events, street performances and festivals, reviews of famous Prague sights as well as personal tips of hidden Prague gems. My aim is to create a community for travelers as well as for locals to share and discuss various topics related to Czech culture, history of the city of Prague and discovery of the Czech countryside, too.

Since autumn 2010, I've been contributing to TripAdvisor Traveler's Forum under the nickname MayaPragueGuide and my then one-woman guiding agency Caput Regni Private Tours was reviewed there, too. In 2011, encouraged by great references from my clients, I expanded the team of professional guides. I know all of the guides in person, and we meet on a regular basis to share our experiences from tours and tips for our favorite local places.  

I'll be pleased to take you for a private tour around the city whether you are a first time or a regular visitor to Prague. Apart from general sightseeing tours, I specialize in tours which follow a particular topic of interest or explore Prague quarters and sights off the beaten path. If I am not available, I will arrange a tour for you with an experienced guide from the Caput Regni team.
For me, the city of Prague represents a wonderful ancient book with chapters covering over a millenium of a turbulent history, stunning pictures of sights and captivating stories of Czech kings as well as people's heroes.I can read the book, in which chapters are added as time passes by, again and again and will never have enough of it. Prague is a truly inspiring city. It will be my pleasure to share its special ambiance with you.


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