I'll be pleased to arrange private tours for you around Prague which will meet your personal interests and requirements.I'll prepare an original itinerary for you to discover the most significant historical sites on both sides of the river Vltava as well as the hidden corners of the city center which are off the beaten path.

During my tours, I focus not only on the history of the Bohemian kingdom and the development of the independent Czech (Czechoslovak) republic, but also on the famous legends which reflect the city's centuries-old charm. I also provide an overview of the architecture which characterizes the city of Prague and its typical panoramas: Gothic, Baroque, Art Nouveau and world-unique Cubist architecture.

I'll offer you free maps of the city, booklets with updated information about opening hours of sights, museums and galeries, a map of Prague public transportation, personal culture tips, and recommend good quality restaurants, discount tickets...etc,so you can get the most out of your visit to Prague! 

General Sightseeing tours (which are an introduction to the history and development of the city of Prague and its famous sites) could be freely combined with Specialized tours.

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Have you already visited the historical city center and the most famous sights in Prague? Don't hesitate to join me on tours specialized by topic and/or location.

All of the tours with specialized topics take place mainly in the historical center of Prague or its neighbourhood. We focus our attention on a particular topic which will be explained not only in the local context of Prague but also in relation to the historical, political, cultural and religious background of your country of origin.

Specialized tours can be freely combined with General Sightseeing tours. The itinerary is always adjusted to meet your personal interests and requirements.

Some of the tours include an entry to interiors. Depending on the topic and your inquiries, a tour usually takes 3-5hours

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Based on my personal experiences with my 3 young kids I provide tailor-made tours for families with children, designed to match your ideas and family style. The tour will be adjusted to your children's needs, and includes details of recommended indoor and outdoor playgrounds, family-friendly restaurants and cafes and cultural, sport or other activities for kids of any age. All tours are tailor-made, so the itinerary will be created according to your preferences. During the tours, I don't only focus on recounting Prague's charming legends, but I also put them in a historic perspective. As a result both kids and their parents are satisfied and have a chance to learn about the history of the city of Prague and it's famous sights too.

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