I created some of the specialized tours mentioned below based on years of experience guiding foreign visitors around Prague, and their desire to get a closer insight into Czech culture and/or to explore Prague's quarters off the main tourist path. Some of the tours reflect my lifelong personal interests and discoveries, therefore the itinerary is original and you will most probably not find it in official guide books. I'll be pleased to send you a detailed description of the tours via email on request.

Prague Castle interiors and exteriors

A guided tour around the interiors of famous sites in the Prague Castle (St Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St George's basilica, Golden lane and dungeon Daliborka), Royal gardens and hidden corners of the so-called Deer moat.

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Jewish Museum

A guided tour around the interiors of famous sites in the former Jewish quarter, history of Jewish settlement, Jewish traditions, famous Jewish artists based in Prague.

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Czech Culture and Cuisine tour

Famous Grand Cafes and Czech artists, folklore traditions and local culinary specialties (including tasting!), Prague breweries and Royal vineyards, traditional pottery and Czech Crystal. List of hot-spot restaurants and gastronomy trends in present day Prague.

Literature and Film

World famous Czech writers of the 20th century, Czech Oscar winning films, popular shooting places in Prague.

20th century Art

From Art-Nouveau to Prague Avant-garde, Czech Cubism, contemporary artists, provocative street art, design studios.

Modern History

Dramatic events of 20th century history in Prague - 1st and 2nd World War, the Communist regime, life behind the Iron curtain, the Velvet revolution in 1989 through the eyes of a native.

Mystery tour

An evening tour full of popular legends put in a historical perspective alias enjoy the magic city lighted up by street lamps! Guided tour around the Alchemist museum and/or a visit of Magic cave hidden among trees at Petrin hill.

Historic industrial quarters Zizkov and Karlin /Tour off the city center/

Discover the Socialist-realism art from the Communist era! Local bars, independent artist's studios, seasonal street events. An original tour for everyone who would like to experience the city of Prague as a local!

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Boat trip to the Baroque palace Troja /Tour off the city center/

A visit to the vineyards of St Clara with a possibility of wine tasting, a walk through the Central park Stromovka, tram journey back to the city center taking the nostalgic historic tram line.

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Vysehrad Fortress /Tour off the city center/

A green oasis in the city center, former seat of Bohemian dukes, National cemetery of influential Czech personalities, underground corridors with Baroque statues.

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